The Mountain Valley Spring Company has approximately 120 independent distributors throughout the United States. Water Event, formaly AMAC Water Products is the Houston-area distributor. We are firm believers that both the quality and the quantity of the water we drink plays a critical role in our health and that great care should be taken to drink the finest spring water obtainable (and to drink water that has been stored only in glass bottles, avoiding the petrochemicals that leach out of plastics).

About Mountain Valley Spring Water

Mountain Valley is acknowledged as not only America’s premium water but also as one of the premier waters in the world…and it has been bottled in glass since 1871. This water is from a pristine spring in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas, is bottled at the source, and has an award-winning, superlative taste. (In fact, it has been voted the best-tasting water in the world at the world’s largest and longest-running international tasting competition.)

Mountain Valley is high in calcium and magnesium, has a great blend of trace minerals and is exceptionally pure. Served in the White House since 1925 (and to discriminating Houstonians for over 50 years), Mountain Valley’s signature 5-gallon bottle is glass, which protects both the taste and the purity of the water. It is also available in a 2.5-gallon “petite” glass bottle, a 3-gallon plastic bottle, and in several sizes by the case in both glass and plastic…but taste the difference glass makes!

About the Cost

There is no charge for our delivery service, other than a nominal fuel surcharge. Please call or see our products for pricing on the various sizes of Mountain Valley.

About Our Coolers

We have what we believe to be the largest selection of coolers available from any bottled water distributor in Houston. In addition to our standard Hot & Cold and Cook & Cold coolers (available for either rental or purchase), we also offer stainless steel H/C and C/C coolers for designer kitchens (for purchase only).

About Our Service


How Do I Go About Getting Service?

Simply call us at 713-937-8630 or click here. Treat yourself to home delivery and experience the difference that Mountain Valley’s superlative taste, mineral content and purity can make. It’s easy, it’s economical…and it’s one of the best things you will ever do for your health.