Mountain Valley Spring Sparkling Water

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Consider the Source ®

Petite Glass BottleHome distillation. Reverse osmosis. Active filtration. Deionization. These are all relatively new words found in conversations among many home and business owners. They are all water treatment methods used in an attempt to treat the already recycled, reprocessed water that flows into our homes and businesses.

Millions of Americans are turning to bottled water to quench their thirst, but beware! Many bottlers lead you to believe, through fancy labels and clever wording, that their product originates from a pristine source. A closer look (read the label) will tell you that they offer nothing more than processed tap or well water. Even though water can be treated, its original taste and quality can never be restored.

Why Question Purity?

For the most part, our body is a vessel of water (approximately 75% by weight). Breathing, circulation, digestion, elimination and heat dissipation can be performed only in the presence of water solutions. We depend on good drinking water.

But let’s face it. The truth is that the swollen population of our industrial society continues to foul the most vital resource on the planet – fresh water. At one time Mountain Valley Spring Water was purchased for its superior taste and the benefits of its unique content of healthy trace minerals. Today’s bottled water buyer insists on two additional items: a contaminant-free spring water bottled under stringent quality control procedures at the natural source. Mountain Valley has given its customers these assurances since it began commercial operations in 1871.

Not All Springs Are Created Equal

Every drop of Mountain Valley Spring Water originates at a protected natural spring in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Over the centuries this legendary spring water has been a favorite of those who demand a “flawless” drink of water.

To ground water experts, consistence in the Mountain Valley spring’s natural flow rates, temperature and mineral content highlight the perfection of our water. To our customers, this means a great tasting drink of water that is naturally sodium and chemical-free — each and every glassful.

Mineral analyses taken several years apart indicate if a water source changes or remains constant. Analyses comparisons over 60 years show insignificant change in the mineral content of Mountain Valley Spring Water. The following analysis highlights the unique mineral content of Mountain Valley Spring Water:

Mountain Valley Spring Water

Constituent Parts Per Million (mg/liter)
Calcium 71.0
Magnesium 7.5
Sodium 2.7
Potassium 1.0
Fluoride 0.2
Iron 0.01
Zinc 0.01
Total dissolved solids: 221 

Alkalinity (CaCO 3) 190

pH 7.8