O2 Cool Oxygen WaterA great new concept in bottled water: spring water infused with pure oxygen and then bottled in glass in order to preserve the oxygen content! Other oxygenated waters packaged in plastic bottles quickly lose their oxygen due to the permeability of plastics; the longer the oxygenated water is in the plastic bottle, the less oxygen is available to the consumer. O2Cool contains the highest level of dissolved oxygen of any oxygenated water on the market. Additionally, unlike its competitors, O2Cool is an oxygenated spring water, not distilled or reverse-osmosis water, and this particular spring has one of the highest levels of magnesium of any spring water in the world. Additionally, it is very alkaline, having a pH of 8.4, which helps combat acidity.

Some interesting studies have been done on oxygenated water. One such study shows that the dissolved oxygen in oxygenated liquids is absorbed by the body 10 times faster than respiratory oxygen. To illustrate just how fast the oxygen is absorbed, examine the picture at the right which depicts asample of blood taken from a subject before drinking a bottle of O2Cool. Note how the redblood cells are stacked on top of each other. (Blood in this condition has a difficult time traveling through the smaller blood vessels and capillaries and cannot easily deliver oxygen to the cells or carry waste products away.)

Incredible as it may seem, the picture to the left was taken of a drop of blood from the same subject just five minutes later after having drunk just one 12-ounce bottle of O2Cool. Notice that the red blood cells are breaking apart and are no longer stacked together.

In order to see if we could duplicate these results on another day, using the same subject but with another practitioner of live blood analysis, we did exactly that. In this instance, the subject’s red blood cells appeared similar to those in the photo at the top right. However, 10 minutes after drinking one bottle of O2Cool, the red blood cells were completely singlet cells (as seen in the photo to the right). What cannot be seen in these “still” photos is that the cells in both the photos above left and lower right were also much more active than were the cells in the top photo.

So what can O2Cool do for you? By drinking oxygen-enriched water, the oxygen is bio-available to the cells within minutes and the improved oxygen content in the cells can affect you in a number of ways. Some of the benefits of extra oxygen are increased metabolism, improved thought processes & mental clarity, improved endurance & athletic performance, and increased energy. Additionally, people report that they just plain feel better.

So try a bottle of O2Cool and see what it can do for you. We think you’ll be impressed.