Spring WaterThe human body is 70% water and both the quantity and quality of the water we drink really does matter. Mountain Valley Spring Water has earned the international reputation as America’s premium spring water since it began bottling operations in 1871 and it is one of the premier waters of the world, easily comparable to the finest European spring waters. It has an exceptional taste and has been voted the best-tasting water in the world in international tasting competitions. Mountain Valley has been enjoyed by kings and presidents, celebrities, and top athletes (it has been served in the White House since 1925 and even Secretariat, the Triple Crown winning thoroughbred, was trained on it).

This truly exceptional–and great-tasting–water is from a celebrated spring in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas, and it is bottled there at the protected, historic spring source. The Mountain Valley Spring Company owns approximately 2000 acres surrounding the spring and is extremely protective of it. (The spring has even been covered with a glass dome since 1945 in order to assure its purity. As an added precaution, the company does not so much as change the oil on its trucks on its property.)

The water from this spring is one of the purest and most tested waters in the world, showing no detectable VOCs, trihalomethanes, lead, mercury, arsenic, bacteria or pesticides. In fact, the company surpasses all EPA requirements and tests for pesticides and VOCs (including MTBE) that the government doesn’t even regulate. Additionally, the water has never been chlorinated, has a superlative balance of minerals (it is high in both calcium and magnesium and has a great blend of trace minerals), is alkaline with a pH of 7.8, and is classified as “sodium-free.” It is a truly world-class spring water with an exceptionally clean, crisp taste.

Besides the purity of the spring and the great mineral content, there is another equally important reason for the wonderful taste of this water. Since 1871 Mountain Valley Spring Water has been bottled in glass. Although Mountain Valley has begun producing some sizes of bottles in plastic to go along with consumer demand, the preferred container is still glass, from both a health and a taste standpoint. Simply stated, glass maintains both the purity and the taste of the water. (In addition to our 5-gallon glass bottle, we have a 2.5-gallon “petite” glass bottle, and half-gallon, one-liter and 10-oz glass bottles available by the case.)

If you have never heard of Mountain Valley, you are not alone. One reason is that in Houston, where it has been available for over 50 years, it has been primarily sold either directly to homes and offices or through select health food stores. Also, this water does not appeal to those for whom cost is more important than quality; it is more expensive than other bottled waters, so if cost is a person’s primary concern, Mountain Valley is clearly not their choice. However, the difference in price is nominal (the most expensive water you can buy is still pretty inexpensive fare) and for those who want the very best, there is no comparison. Also, Mountain Valley costs much less than imported waters.

So try America’s premium water. Compare Mountain Valley to what you are currently drinking and experience the difference that world-class taste, mineral content and purity can make. If the quality of the water you drink really matters to you, consider the source…and call us at 713-937-8630 for free home & office delivery. You’ll be glad you did.