Turbo Shower Filtration

The Turboshower utilizes a patented KDF filter that, unlike carbon filters, is not adversely affected by hot water; in fact, the hotter the water, the more effective this filter is. It does a remarkable job of removing chlorine and other VOC’s from the water. (Note: During the average shower, we inhale and absorb through our skin the same amount of chlorine as if we had drunk eight 8-oz glasses, or one-half gallon, of chlorinated water.) This is an excellent product and you will notice the difference on your skin and your hair the first time you use it.

Bathball Water FilterThe Bathball has the same technology as the Turboshower, but it can be used in the bath tub.  Simply hang the filter over the faucet and it does a great job of removing chlorine and other chemicals from your water.